by Amy Chaplin
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Monthly Archive for June, 2012

Grilled fava beans

I made these grilled fava beans a couple of weeks ago when we were upstate celebrating a friend’s birthday. Six of us, including baby Teo rented a house with a large, well-equipped kitchen and outdoor grill. We spent the lovely, warm days lying on the grass under a tree, dabbling in the cool stream which bordered […]

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Late spring sauté

I got a little carried away at the market the other morning. My plan was to nip up to Union Square (Farmer’s Market) quickly and gather a short list of ingredients to take upstate for the weekend. As soon as I arrived, I was instantly and delightfully overwhelmed by the beautiful array of newly arrived […]

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I am excited to be writing this post for Whole Living’s G-free Friday. I have been thinking about developing a gluten free pancake recipe for my gluten-avoiding friends for some time now; this post gave me a great excuse! Recommend on FacebookTweet about it

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