Hi and welcome to Coconut and Quinoa.

Founded in spring 2009, Coconut and Quinoa is a place for me to share my original, healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes with you and hopefully inspire you to cook too! I base my recipes on whole grains, beans, local organic vegetables, and love incorporating super foods and heirloom ingredients. Sometimes I will enrich things with a touch of dairy here and there. In my work and travels, I meet many farmers and artisans who continue to inspire me in my culinary explorations and the results are here. My goal always to create meals that are beautiful, nourishing and delicious.

In 2011 I started a newsletter to share health and kitchen tips with my readers. Since I believe a well-stocked pantry is key to accessible healthy meals, I created a Pantry Essentials list that you can download when you sign up for my newsletter.

I absolutely love reading your comments and hearing about your cooking adventures so please share them.

Happy cooking!

– Tawana Lopez