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Turkey: from Marmaris to Palamut

Here are some photos of what I got to see of Turkey’s south western mediterranean coast. We picked up a boat in Marmaris and wound our way around the craggy coast of the Bozburen Peninsula to Palamat on the Daçta Peninsula. Some of the secluded bays we anchored in were accessible only by boat and […]

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Here are a few pictures from my recient trip to Turkey, very hard to choose photos that show just how rich and beautiful the country is. When I stepped off the plane at Istanbul airport and took my first breath, I knew I would love the city. What I didn’t know was how beautiful and […]

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I just spent my summer holidays in Nantucket, a beautiful Island 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts that marks the most easterly point of the United States.  Nantucket is steeped in a rich, nautical history yet much of the island has been preserved, and remains wild and undeveloped. Recommend on FacebookTweet about it

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