My Tips on Applying Proper Protection for Outdoor Water Sports

One of the activities my husband and I love to do is trying out different water sports. Our favorite water sports so far are snorkeling, bodyboarding, canoeing, kayaking, surfing and of course, swimming. Even though we’re not exactly pros in these water sports, we love to push ourselves to the limit. Staying at home with my kids can be stressful sometimes. So, I need a sun-kissed skin now and then to de-stress myself.

Despite the fact that my husband and I do water sports only for recreation purposes, we’re like pros when it comes to wearing proper protection. Water sports may be fun, but we must never take safety for granted. So, I’m going to share to you tips on applying proper protection for outdoor water sports.

Use the right swimming goggles.

I have to admit, choosing the perfect swimming goggles can be difficult. In the past, I always got frustrated whenever I needed to fiddle and adjust my goggles because of water getting inside. Goggles should fit, tight enough to prevent water from gushing inside. But, you don’t want very tight goggles because they can irritate your nose and hurt your eyes. Another pet peeve of mine in the water is foggy or blurry goggles.

When I finally found the best swim goggles for me, I noticed that having a tight seal is not because of the strap. The rubbery seal of the goggles itself provides protection from water. It must give suction for a while when you try it on before purchasing. If not, don’t buy it. The goggles must also be wide enough for your eyes. Don’t buy something that’s too wide. Also, note that there are already goggles with UV protection and anti-fog feature now available in the market today.

Prioritize proper fit in choosing a snorkeling mask.

I’m sure of this – proper fit is the most important thing to consider in purchasing a snorkeling mask. Why? When the snorkeling mask fits you perfectly, everything follows – prevention of fog, protection from water, etc. Like goggles, consider how the rubbery part of the mask called skirt sticks well on your face.

Quick tip: While trying on a snorkeling mask, hold your breath. Inhaling makes the mask stick forcibly. To know for sure that the mask would surely fit you, stop inhaling and exhaling. Also, don’t hold the mask. When the mask sticks well without you breathing and holding it, then that’s the one you’re looking for.

Try to acquire the magic of aqua socks.

I think this is one of the most amazing innovations in outdoor water sports protection gear. I can still remember how uncomfortable it was to feel scratches underneath my feet because of rough surfaces. Not to mention the suspense while walking poolside because of the slippery surface. With aqua socks, it feels like walking barefoot but more grip and less exposure to abrasion. Some aqua socks are so rubbery that they feel like shoes. But, that’s still a good thing. It is just a matter of preference.

Rash guard is a necessity.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing swimsuits or bikinis while doing some water sports. But, some water sports are intense that my bikinis won’t stand a chance. That’s when I’m grateful that I purchased rash guards. It doesn’t even matter to me if they’re quite expensive. A rash guard must be composed of high-quality materials to avoid discomfort and possible malfunctions. It ensures that the skin is protected from cold water, harsh sunlight and rash. I think it is easy to find the right rash guard when it comes to fitting. Based on my experience, it is just like buying clothes. Just make sure that no matter how much you move your body, the rash guard sticks to your skin well. It must not go up when you move your arms, especially upwards.

Life vests are essential to some water sports.

When you avail some water sports services, most likely, the staff gives life jackets or vests especially if the activity is intense and happens in deep waters. But sometimes, my husband and I just contact some friends with speedboats and free access to water sports. Since we initiate some water sports activities, we made sure to purchase life vests. Our two kids sometimes go boating with us, so we also bought life vests for them.

I noticed that some life vests are so bulky and difficult to adjust. One time, my family and I went to vacation in another country and the resort’s water sports service gave us free life vests. When I was in the water, I felt suffocated because the vest was too big for me. The vest stayed up while I was submerged from the neck down. That’s why you must purchase a life vest that fits right for you. It doesn’t matter if it feels thin and lightweight as long as it floats well on water and carries your weight effortlessly. It should have tight-fitting straps around the chest and above the hips.

Buy water-resistant sunscreen.

Of course, let’s not forget about using water-resistant sunscreen while doing water sports. Some water activities take longer time to finish. The worse part? You are sometimes openly exposed under the sun, especially if you’re located in the middle of the sea or ocean. Usually, sunscreen protections mention how many hours it stays on the skin. Take note of that so you won’t forget to reapply it from time to time. You must also purchase sunscreen for athletes to get the ultimate skin protection.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been applying these protection tips in my outdoor water sports activities ever since. Before having my own family, I was frequent outdoors. I already have a husband and two kids, but I never got myself into an accident or any risks because of how I prioritize safety in the water. Also, don’t mind the expenses when you’re trying out water sports. Safety should never be compromised just because you’re saving money. Protect yourself at all times even while having fun.