Simple Things Women Can Do for a Relaxing Afternoon

Most of the time, the busiest part of the day is in the morning. That’s why when afternoon comes, I get excited to wrap things up and start relaxing. I’m a mother who works from home, so my mornings are really hectic 24/7. My lady friends, on the other hand, work in the office so they do their best to relax during the weekends. We usually hang out on Saturdays and Sundays while I relieve myself from stress every afternoon on weekdays.

The thing about women is that they need both quiet alone time and loud, fun moments with friends to relax or relieve themselves from a stressful day. It is just a matter of balance. If you want a stress-free moment everyday even for just a while, here are tips on how to spend a relaxing afternoon that you can mix and match for the week:

Read a book in the park.

When my kids were still babies, I always took them to the park in a stroller and sat on a bench to read a book for at least 30 minutes. I just checked on my babies from time to time to make sure that they were safe. I also made sure to bring everything my babies need to keep themselves from being bored.

As my kids grew up as toddlers, things got a little bit trickier. Toddlers are prone to accidents because they can go wherever they want and touch anything that makes them curious. So, I needed to keep an eye on them when we go to the park. I had to stop reading a book in the park temporarily.

Thank goodness my kids are now going to school because I have all afternoon to myself. I go to the park and read a few chapters from a book daily, just like the good old days. Reading a book with nature is really different than confining myself inside the house. The whole experience is rejuvenating, refreshing and magical – especially if the sun sets while you read.

Make a smoothie.

Compared to other drinks, smoothie tastes so divine and takes longer to completely consume. It is the perfect drink while you relax for the whole afternoon, especially during summer. Put the smoothie in a tall glass and you’re ready to take over the world of relaxation.

My most favorite smoothie is made of banana and strawberries mixed together. You just need to prepare one banana, four strawberries, one cup of soy milk, and at least three ice cubes. Then, put everything in a blender and blend for 20 seconds. You can tweak my amount for each ingredient based on your preference in taste. And of course, you can search for more smoothie recipes.

Get cozy in your room.

If you’re an introvert who wants to recharge from mingling with people all day, lock yourself inside your room and curl underneath a soft blanket. You can even drink your favorite smoothie while reading a book or a magazine. This is also the perfect time to watch an episode of your favorite show or a movie.

Do yoga.

Find a big space inside your house and make it your afternoon sanctuary for yoga. You can also play some ambient music to keep yourself from getting distracted by the littlest noise. There a lot of simple yoga poses for beginners shared online that you can definitely compile and follow. To make things easier, download some instructional videos about yoga poses.

A common pose that you should include in your afternoon yoga is the Child’s Pose. Make sure to follow these instructions:

  1. Sit on your heels comfortably.
  2. Slowly stretch your torso forward until your forehead reaches the floor.
  3. Make sure to keep your chest close to your knees based on your comfort level.
  4. Extend your arms above your head as far as possible.
  5. Hold pose for a while and breathe deeply.

Soak yourself in a scented bath.

Treat your body in an afternoon spa at home by soaking in a bubble bath filled with fragrant salts and essential oils. Surround the tub with scented candles. While submerging in warm water, you can take a nap, watch a movie or series, or read a book.

Take a nap with homemade facial on.

For a more natural spa-like afternoon at home, try creating your own facial mask instead of just buying one. One of my favorites is the honey face mask for a cleaner and more moisturized face. You just have to mix one tablespoon of milk and another tablespoon of honey into a bowl. Microwave the mixture for 10 seconds. Mix it one more time before applying it on your face and neck for at most 15 minutes. Then, rinse your face with warm water. After that, splash some cold water on your face to seal the pores. Lastly, gently pat your face with a soft towel.

Have tea with friends.

It may sound cliché but as my friends and I grow older, we dialed everything down from partying at night to drinking tea in the afternoon as a way to bond together. Years ago, my husband built me a simple gazebo in the backyard because he knew I love to invite my friends over to hang out.

Drinking tea soothes my mind, even more so when I’m chatting with my friends. We normally drink tea on a Sunday afternoon and catch up. It is nice to talk about your week, good or bad. It makes you positive about your Monday morning.

Get pampered in a hair salon with friends.

My friends and I love to keep in touch with our femininity once in a while. One of the things we love to do as bonding activity is going to the hair salon together. As we relaxing under hooded hair dryer, we love to gossip about anybody we can think of especially celebrities. Salon services usually take some time to finish, so I can have the whole afternoon with my friends to relax and have fun. Even if we only do this once a month, this activity is something we always look forward to because happiness is guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

Women can be too hardworking at home and in the office. But, we’re all queens who need a little pampering once in a while. Let’s take a break even for just a few hours in the afternoon from the fast life of being a careerwoman and a mother.