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Plum almond crisp with cardamom custard

Lately I have been surrounded by an abundance of plums: Italian prune plums, back plums, Santa Rosa’s and many more that I can’t identify readily. Some varieties have pink flesh, some yellow, all delicious. I had no intension of bringing home so many from the farmer’s market the other day. I chose a few of […]

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  It is the perfect time of year to make Ratatouille, most of the market tomatoes need to be cooked, there are abundant red peppers, eggplants of all shapes and sizes and buttery zucchini everywhere, plus all the fresh herbs you need to simmer this beautiful mix of veggies into a fragrant, rich and succulent […]

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Each time I buy a pint of cherry tomatoes I think it’ll be the last of the year, but they seem to be hanging on even as the cool weather infuses the air, and apples and squash arrive at the farmer’s market in weighty abundance. Recommend on FacebookTweet about it

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