18 Ingenious Things You Can Do With Coffee

There are a lot of things in this world that people are utilizing more than what it was discovered for. Until recently, common things that we humans usually use for have been found out to possess components and characteristics that can actually help people do stuff which are not expected from these things.

Examples of these “super” things are baking soda, rubber bands, lemon, and the featured one for today, the coffee.

Coffee possesses one of the most addictive organic compounds known to human, caffeine. This organic chemical compound is the main reason why coffee is cultivated and traded all over the world. Coffee became a global commodity which almost 75% of the human population cannot start their day or be alert at work if without sipping a cup of that aromatic and uniquely flavored coffee.

Suprisingly, it has been found out recently that coffee or coffee grounds are not just for a staple drink but to many other uses as well. These amazing other utilization of coffee were typically cannot be associated with coffee at first glance and no one would ever suspect that coffee is capable of doing such things.

For everyone’s appreciation and additional knowledge, we have listed some of the most amazing uses of coffee aside being the coffee we love drinking in the mornings.

1. Smokey Steaks

Are you tired of eating same old steak recipe? Spice up your steaks by smearing coffee grounds on the meat. Coffee will give an ordinary steak a twist of smoky zest as well as tenderize it.

2. Draw out some worms.

You may find worms as gross creatures; the truth is that they are excellent for your garden. Coffee grounds nurture bacteria that worms take pleasure in. As a result, attracting worms with coffee will aid you in having rich compost for your foliage.

3. Keep the creepy-crawly away.

The acidity of coffee daunts bugs, slugs, snails, ants and even mosquitoes. Thus, if you’re having such influx, keep your coffee grounds close.

4. Blue those Hydrangeas naturally.

Hydrangeas can change its color from pink to blue when the acidity of the soil increases. Having coffee grounds as compost will make the soil more acidic by lowering its soil pH, hence, giving you bright blue blooms.

5. Make your pans stain-free.

Do you find it hard to remove stubborn stains from your cooking pans? Good news folks, a few amounts of coffee grounds on a sponge can aid you in scrubbing out your stained pans.

6. Make an air deodorizer for your kitchen.

Coffee grounds can suck up unwanted odors in the air. Storing it in a breathable material and placing it in your kitchen or in the fridge is a natural way for deodorizing.

7. Craft your own wood stain.

Coffee can make a good wood stain finish. It can tint an untreated wood into an amber hue.

8. Get rid of grease buildup in kitchen sink.

Grease buildup is truly a hassle for every household. However, you can get rid of the said obdurate buildup using some readily available materials in your kitchen. A mixture of dish soap, boiling water and coffee grounds and you are ready to clear drain congestion. It’s certainly easy and won’t cost you a fortune.

9. Keep your hands odor-free.

Getting rid of a bad and foul smelly hands every after preparing meals is truly a problem for most home cooks. You have to wash your hands a couple of times before the smell go away. But, do you know that coffee grounds can absorb the unpleasant odor? Yahoo! Rubbing a handful of it on your hands will take away that obnoxious smell.

10. Have a scratch-free furniture.

Coffee grounds aren’t only good for making wood stain finish, it also excellent for masking furniture scratches.

11. Flea bath for your furry friends.

Fleas are one of the annoying problems that every dog owners have. Moreover, if not prevented, it will suck not only your furry babies’ blood but also your money. Worry no more since you can keep your dog away from these parasites by simply adding a few coffee grounds to your dog’s shampoo to produce an organic flea repellant.

12. Eliminate strip oil buildup from your hair.

Sometimes, a shampoo is not enough to remove excessive oil from our hair. But you can have some help from coffee grounds. The coarse grain of coffee grounds can aid you in eliminating strip oils and buildups.

13. Treat yourself with a lavish salt scrub.

Coffee can actually make a luxurious body scrub. You’ll definitely feel smooth and revitalized after using this.

14. Coat your sidewalks in the winter season.

As an alternative of paying for street salt, you can make use of coffee grounds to get extra grip on slippery path walks. The acid from the coffee grounds helps thaw the ice quicker.

15. Exfoliate your face.

Most of the facial wash products today use microscopic plastic beads to remove dead skin and open up pores however, recent study shows that these synthetic materials are not good for your face and of the environment in the long run. If you still want to feel rejuvenated and exfoliated, using coffee grounds as alternative to beaded facial wash is the best option. Not only that coffee grounds exfoliate dead skin effectively, it will also leave your face feeling fresh and revitalized.

16. Amplify those chilies.

Just like steak, adding some coffee grounds to chili can amplify its taste and spice.

17. Lure roaches into trap.

While a lot of insects are sick of the coffee’s aroma, cockroaches are the total opposite. You can easily draw cockroaches into traps with the help of moist coffee grounds.

18. Relief for asthma attacks.

Study has shown that even diminutive amounts of coffee can improve airway function for up to two hours. Though coffee can’t be an alternative for asthma medication, but a sip of it can grant momentary relief.