15 Good Reasons To Keep Your Used Tea Bags

If most of the world nowadays is going gaga over coffee, some parts and famous countries still come back to that different kind of satisfaction which the tea provides. Tea is one of the top choices for hot beverages around the world especially for British and Chinese people.

The tea material which is used to create the drink itself is actually just a handful of dried leaves of a special shrub that grows on specific environments. These dried and crushed tea leaves are grouped in small amounts and are kept inside a porous bag, usually made from silk or food grade plastic.

The unique design of tea bags make tea drink preparation also very unique and very recognizable. Once tea bags are soaked and the drink is prepared, most of the times, the bags are just thrown away. That is because, what people know is that the bags are one-time use only. Little do they know that the bag itself and the leaves kept inside can still do magic to a lot of things. What most people missed out is that tea leaves are all-organic material that contain chemical compounds that not just create amazing hot beverage but also can be useful to different practical things.

The next time you decide to drink tea in the afternoons, I suggest that you keep the used bags in store it for future use. Yes, the dried and used tea bags have a lot of practical uses which you guys probably do not know. Here are some examples.

1. Brew stronger tea flavor.

Perhaps, among the ingenious ways of recycling old tea bags, this is the most prevalent. Set aside in a sealed container your used and drained well tea bags. Add one to the next cup of tea that you’ll prepare. This method will work with any variety of tea, although it works better in green and red kinds.

2. Make your cast-iron skillet rust free.

As a mom who loves to cook, it is truly annoying to see even just a small portion of rust in my skillet. Rust formation on iron casted skillet is inevitable especially for old ones; however, you can prevent the stubborn rust from developing by simply wiping your frying pan with damp and used tea bag every after cooking. Guarantee, your skillet stays rust-free over time.

3. Add extra flavor to your meat and tenderize it naturally.

Tea bags can be a good ingredient to add savory flavor to lighter meats such as pork, chicken and turkey. Simply place a couple of used tea bags mixed with a cup of water in a sealable container or zip-locked bag, then let the meat of your choice soak in the marinade overnight.

On the other hand, you can also utilize your used tea bags as natural meat tenderizer. Teas have ample amount of Tannins, an organic substance which has the ability to tenderize the toughest meats.

4. Mend your cuts and bruises.

Tea bags are excellent medication for cuts and bruises. For cuts, tea doesn’t only draw out infections but also soothes the pain, prevent possible irritation and aid in faster healing. Furthermore, for bruises, tannins in teas constrict the blood vessels, when applied to bruises it can stop the dripping which is the chief root for skin discoloration.

5. Remove food odors.

When preparing a meal, a smelly food odor in your hands is actually foreseeable. Still, you can easily get rid of that lingering smell just by rinsing your hand with brewed tea bag and water.

6. Rejuvenate your eyes.

Eliminate the dark circles under your eyes by simply placing warm or cold tea bag on top of it and let the tannins do its job. Same goes for tired and puffy eyes.

7. Tidy up rugs and carpets.

Make use of the old tea bags to clean and freshen up your floor coverings. Merely sprinkle damped loose tea ingredients over carpets and rugs and let it sit for couple of minutes then sweep it away or suck it up using a vacuum.

8. Deter and repel household nuisances.

Household pests like mice, spider and ants particularly loath the aroma of any tea. By tucking used tea bags to places where these pests normally appear, you can effortlessly daunt and fend them off from entering the said areas.

9. Neutralize home’s superfluous odor.

The sources of unwanted odors’ in homes usually originate from spoiled food, damp trash, fridge, or pets’ litter. No matter how you try to keep your home clean at all times, the chances of getting a stinky house are still highly feasible.

To aid you out, make use of your used and dried teabags on the spaces wherein odor can possibly instigate such as trash bins, ashtrays, fridge and pets’ corner. By doing so, it will counterbalance the appalling smell and will keep your home odor free.

10. Save up a bit by making your own air freshener.

Apart from it neutralizes home odors, used tea bags can work double-time by making it as an air fresheners too for your abode, vehicles and office.

Add a few amount of essential oil of your choice to the dried up and used tea bags then hang them up straight away.

11. Polish wood surfaces.

Tea juices from used tea bags can be good cleansing and buffing agent to your wood furnishings and finishing leaving them polished and renewed.

12. Create an organic mouth wash.

Use some weak tea and brew them up again to make an all-natural bad breath eliminating mouth wash. Peppermint and green teas are highly recommendable.

13. Condition and nourish your hair.

You can use your twice-brewed tea bags while having a shower. Tea is known to provide a natural shine to dry and frizzy hair. Likewise, the ample amount of caffeine that it holds can promote hair volume and growth.

14. Pimp your garden’s compost.

Using tea bags’ components in your garden compost boosts the nitrogen-rich component, balancing the carbon-rich materials present.

15. Loosen dirt piles on dishes.

Soaking used tea bags in warm water with your dirty dishes can help you degrease the annoying stain and dirt without the use of unsafe chemicals. Moreover, it saves you from hustling scrubbing.